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If your lawns and gardens are starting to look dry and a store-bought sprinkler system isn’t getting the job done, the team at AOS can help. As one of Ontario’s top residential sprinkler system installation companies, we can help you enjoy a lush and healthy lawn.

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Summer is short. Don’t spend it working on your lawn.

Put down the hose — there’s no need to water your lawn and flower beds when an automated irrigation system can do it for you. Our custom, high-quality lawn sprinkler systems will return your home’s landscaping to health and beauty — and our WiFi controllers will make it easy for you to manage your system from anywhere, anytime.

From installing your new lawn sprinkler system to regular maintenance throughout the year, we are your complete irrigation solution for achieving a picture-perfect yard.


Our installation process is simple.

On-Site Visit

Installing a residential irrigation system starts with a site visit to determine your property’s unique requirements. We’ll measure out the required length of pvc pipe, the amount of pop-up sprinkler heads and tee fittings, and the ideal location for the valve box, so you can quickly and easily turn off the water. We’ll also mark out the locations of all the sprinkler heads and zone valves and put in a request to have your utility lines flagged and painted to avoid damaging them during the installation.


On the day of installation, we’ll turn off the water supply to your yard, dig the trenches in the marked locations, and install the water supply line along with all tee fittings, valves, and sprinkler heads. We’ll aim to minimize any damage to your yard and, in most cases, we’ll have the work completed in a day, and the affected areas will return to normal within a month. The end result is a professionally installed in-ground pop-up sprinkler head system that will provide the proper water flow at the correct time as determined by your smart system.

Operation & Maintenance

After installing a sprinkler system, we’ll give you an orientation of your new system, so you’ll understand what to expect. Our smart irrigation systems are simple and intuitive to use, and will allow you to adjust the watering times as necessary. We’ll also ensure that your system is operating properly, including all controls and water pressure. Following your installation, we’ll continue to support you with regular maintenance, as needed. We’ll be on-site to winterize your irrigation system each year as it’s imperative to have your system winterized by a professional. This will reduce the likelihood that you’ll need an underground sprinkler system repair.


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Let's get your lawn looking lush and green this summer and beyond.

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