Residential Lawn Sprinkler Systems in Ontario

Professional irrigation systems for your home’s landscaping.

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Are your lawns and gardens showing recurring signs of wet or dry spots?

Is your store-bought sprinkler system just not getting the job done? If you’re finding that your landscaping is suffering from problems like these or no longer looking its best, we can help.

At Arizona Outdoor Solutions, we provide homeowners in Southern Ontario with custom, high-quality irrigation systems that will ensure your home’s landscaping is healthy and beautiful.

From installing your new residential lawn sprinkler system to regular maintenance throughout the year, our team is your complete irrigation solution.

Get your property looking its best with a new sprinkler system today.


A Superior Tier of Irrigation System

At Arizona Outdoor Systems, we provide a superior tier of irrigation system, when compared to most other suppliers. Our irrigation systems include a range of custom features designed to regulate water flow, reduce waste, and deliver better cost savings for your home.

Smart WiFi Controllers

Our irrigation control systems allow you to control your water usage remotely from your phone or tablet, anywhere in the world. If you’re concerned about your garden while you’re away on vacation, you can simply adjust your system and it will respond immediately.

Predictive Watering™

Tired of looking outside and wondering why your system is watering the lawn when it’s raining? Our controllers will pull data from local weather stations and satellites to create a highly accurate forecast for your location, then automatically adjust your watering schedule.

Automatic Alerts

If you’re concerned about broken pipes or leaky sprinklers, our advanced controllers have got you covered. Your system will provide you with automatic alerts on any breaks, leaks, or wiring issues — and regulate the system’s flow to reduce wastage accordingly

Residential Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

If you are interested in a new sprinkler system for your home, our team can provide an on-site consultation to assess the needs of your property. During our initial visit, we will review your budget, your timelines, and your requirements of your existing landscape. We’ll use this information to design a customized irrigation solution that will meet the needs of your property and match your expectations.

Our team has extensive experience working with landscaping contractors to install the necessary piping and wiring systems to support a new lawn sprinkler system for residential properties. While installing your new sprinkler system, we can also install a landscape lighting system to improve the appearance and ambiance of your property.

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Residential Lawn Sprinkler System Repairs & Maintenance

Do you own a large estate property where landscaping is suffering due to a poorly maintained irrigation system? Our team can provide regular maintenance to ensure your sprinkler systems are operating at top efficiency.

From upgrading older systems and fixing leaky valves to adding new zones and installing timers, our team is here to support you with any necessary repairs or upgrades. Our maintenance package includes a yearly system review, closing and winterization, and routine alignments to adjust for garden foliage throughout the year.

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