Sprinkler Systems / Irrigation in Dundas

Reliable, Trusted Lawn Sprinkler Services in Dundas

Arizona Outdoor Solutions has been servicing the Town of Dundas and surrounding areas for ten years. We are well equipped, and certified, to handle all your residential and commercial irrigation needs!

Our sprinkler systems are installed just under the surface of your yard, or commercial property, and our lawn sprinkler systems are installed utilizing municipal water supply and water pressure or a pumping station if required. The water is dispersed in pulses to simulate rain drops and is timed to ensure sufficient distribution.

Our irrigation systems can be modified to work with different sprinkler heads depending on your needs. Some varieties work with fixed patterns and misting functionalities, while others use ball mechanisms to move in circular patterns.

Our team will design, install, maintain, upgrade and/or repair irrigation systems – give us a call to discuss your project further!

Innovative, Stunning LED Landscape Lighting Systems

Landscape lighting can bring even a simple landscape to life. If you’d like to spice up the appearance of your property, while also adding some additional visibility and security during the evening, then look no further! Arizona Outdoor Solutions is here to install, and also maintain, the exact landscape lighting systems for your individual needs in Dundas.

How does it work? We lay down the wiring for the landscape lighting system beneath the soil and connect it to a control panel to time the lights.

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