Sprinkler Systems in Waterdown

Reliable, Trusted Lawn Sprinkler Systems & Landscape Lighting Services

Arizona Outdoor Solutions has been servicing the Greater Hamilton Area for ten years. Our expertly installed irrigation systems are tucked away under your lawn and use adjustable timers so you can schedule the watering for any time of day. Schedule the irrigation system to water at night so you can wake up to a fresh lush landscape.

Cut Down on Water Consumption

Believe it or not, an irrigation system will save you money! We’ll design a custom layout and install, and adjust, the sprinkler heads so water is appropriately distributed to different parts of your lawn. This, in turn, will reduce water runoff and reduce the risk of overwatering and flooding.

Our irrigation systems are installed under your property, and are setup so each part of your landscape receives just the right amount of water. Water is distributed in spurts through the sprinklers using a pumping system to simulate rainfall and hydrate your lawn.

Our team are also experts at repairing broken down or older irrigation systems – let us work our magic and bring your sprinkler system back to life!

LED Landscape Lighting Systems

Do you have a landscape that you’d like to make more use of in the evening? Investing in a landscape lighting system is an affordable and effective way to make full use of your property, even at night!

Our landscape lighting systems use only the best LEDs to emit light bright enough to light the deck, back yard, front yard, or even the beautiful garden at your commercial property.

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If you’re a Waterdown resident and you’re interested in hearing more about our irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, or landscape lighting systems, give us a call at 905-627-7485 or 519-804-5854, or email at sales@arizonaoutdoorsolutions.ca and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

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