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We Provide Sprinkler System Installation, Maintenance, Upgrades & Repairs

Arizona Irrigation is your one stop service provider for all your sprinkler and irrigation needs. Our organization is affiliated with the Irrigation Association and is also certified under the CLIA (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor) standard. This commitment to excellence shows that we truly care and are dedicated to ensuring we are well equipped to service you from start to finish!

Whether it be an installation of a new sprinkler system, routine maintenance on your existing system, larger upgrades or repairs to your ill-maintained system – trust our expert team. Arizona Outdoor Solutions has been proudly servicing customers in the Hamilton-Wentworth, Kitchener-Waterloo, Halton & Wellington regions for nearly ten years.

Start Your Landscape Off Right

At the start of the season it’s important to make sure your sprinklers are functional, and damage free, so you don’t run into issues down the road. Our irrigation system experts will look at the entire sprinkler system, including the pipes, sprinkler heads, and valves. They’ll then test the water supply to ensure it’s adequate and adjust each sprinkler as needed.

Summer Review

As the weather warms up, during the spring and especially in the summer months, you’ll notice that as your lawn and landscapes begin to grow your sprinklers might become low in the garden foliage or misaligned. To minimize and remedy these instances – contact us at Arizona Irrigation so we can perform a full system review and align your system’s scheduling to compensate for the current weather.

Fall & Winter Closings / Winterization

Sprinkler irrigation system closings are very important to ensure pipes don’t freeze over and burst during the winter – especially during our harsh Canadian winters.

Our professional staff will use a high-volume air compressor to push a continuous stream of air through the main line of your irrigation system. This air will force out any water still in your pipes and send it out through the sprinkler heads to clear your pipes for the year.

Sprinkler System Upgrades & Repairs

Arizona Outdoor Solutions’ experienced team is available to help you with any of your irrigation system repair needs. From ill-maintained systems, to older systems, to leaking valves, to adding new zones or to installing a new timer, our team can do it all. We proudly will upgrade, fix and repair both residential and commercial sprinkler systems. You do not need to start from scratch to have an effective irrigation system – trust our expert team, today!

Contact Arizona Outdoor Solutions – Call 905-627-7485 or 519-804-5854

Don’t leave this up to chance, contact our irrigation system and sprinkler system professionals so you and your property can rest easy. Work is covered by our warranty so if you run into any issues we’ll be right back to tidy things up. Contact us today at 905-627-7485 or 519-804-5854, or email us at to learn more. Our team services the Hamilton-Wentworth, Halton, Wellington & Kitchener-Waterloo areas.

Irrigation System Controllers

Wi-Fi Compatible Controllers

This nifty device not only allows you to control your sprinkler system from literally anywhere in the world from your phone or tablet, it also allows homeowners and contractors to turn the system off or adjust the program remotely as well.

The largest water savings feature about this unit is that it communicates directly to a weather station and automatically adjusts the watering amount depending on the weather.

Wireless Rain / Freeze Sensors

These Controllers turn your system off completely during and after heavy rain events and also if the temperature drops. This can equate to a 35% water savings compared to a system with a poorly functioning or nonfunctioning rain sensor.

The added benefit being that because it is wireless it can be installed nearly anywhere on the property. Compared to traditional installation on the roof near or literally on the shingles causing far too many extreme conditions for any technology and very poor results in terms of accurately measuring rain events.

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