Are you in need of an automated, efficient lawn irrigation system? Contact Arizona Outdoor Solutions and let our experts properly design, build and install your lawn irrigation system. Save money and save water! We also specialize in maintaining and repairing irrigation systems.


Arizona Outdoor Solutions

Automated Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Arizona Outdoor Solutions is a full-service provider of sprinkler systems / irrigation systems and LED landscape lighting systems. For ten years, we have built up a dedicated clientele as we have continued to provide unparalleled service to customers in the Hamilton-Wentworth, Wellington, Kitchener-Waterloo and Halton regions.

Irrigation System Design, Installation, Upgrades and Maintenance

Our core services include the design, maintenance and installation of residential sprinkler systems, commercial sprinkler systems and LED landscape lighting systems.

Another core irrigation service that we provide is existing sprinkler system repairs – we are experts at bringing older systems back to life, without needing to install a new irrigation system. You can trust our expertise at upgrading and revamping your older, ill-maintained sprinkler system.

Stunning Landscape Lighting Solutions

Arizona Outdoor Solutions has grown solid working relationship with many reputable outdoor companies in the Greater Hamilton Area, such as Angus Irrigation, Danasy Landscaping, Water Your World, Gelderman Landscape Services and Grieve Home Maintenance.

Along with being an Irrigation Association member with a certification in CLIA (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor), Arizona Outdoor Solutions is a Landscape Ontario Member, a Licensed Irrigation Backflow Tester, and is certified by Kichler as a Landscape Lighting Professional. We are WSIP certified through Hamilton, Peel and York regions to perform water audits on behalf of the regions.

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Benefits of Inground Sprinkler Systems


Arizona Outdoor Solutions is your one stop service provider for all your sprinkler and irrigation needs. We pride ourselves on affordable, timely irrigation system installations and irrigation maintenance packages in the Greater Hamilton, Halton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Wellington regions.

Preserves Water

An automatic irrigation system will save you water! Our efficient lawn sprinkler systems apply exactly the amount of water needed by your lawn. You will not have to worry about wasting water or seeing high water bills.

Saves Time

Our irrigation systems will save you precious, valuable time. You will not have to spend anymore time purchasing or fiddling with hoses, or worry about manually watering your lawn and gardens. Let the irrigation system take care of that for you!


We install modern, customizable, state-of-the-art Controllers that are highly customizable. You are able to edit the settings, control the timers and all facets of the system to ensure easy usage.

Healthier Lawn

When you install a lawn sprinkler system, you are doing a favour for your lawn. Sprinkler systems help prevent and cut down on weeds and lawn diseases. Also, irrigation systems help preserve soil and nutrients.

Reliable Maintenance

We proudly offer reliable, timely maintenance packages to ensure that you have proper Spring Opening, Summer Review and Fall Closing. With our expert understanding of your in-ground sprinkler system in the Hamilton area, leave it to us to keep your system in excellent condition.


Benefits of Landscape Lighting Systems

Instant Curb Appeal

Enhance the look of your property and see added curb appeal with the installation of LED landscape lighting. Not only does LED lighting enhance visibility, but it adds extra curb appeal throughout the year.

Deters Intruders

Landscape lighting not only offers additional pathway or step lighting during evenings and at night, but it also is known to deter intruders that may enter your yard or property.

Improves Visibility

LED lighting will improve the visibility of your property, perfect for if you often entertain guests or host outdoor parties.

Energy Efficient

With energy efficiency at the forefront in today’s world, our LED lighting systems will save you money on electricity costs. Not only do our LED lighting systems look stylish, they also conserve electricity and help the environment.

Highly Customizable

Our lighting systems are highly customizable and can be timed manually or with motion sensors.


As with all of our irrigation and lighting services, we will ensure that your quote is affordable and cost-efficient. We also ensure that your installations are always done right and on-time.

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