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Irrigation System Installation and Repairs For Your Perfect Lawn in Stoney Creek

Summer Is Short. Don’t Spend It Working On Your Lawn.

Your lawn is looking a little worse for wear. The grass is patchy, there are weeds everywhere, and the trees are starting to look a bit droopy.

Sometimes caring for your lawn can feel like a full-time job. Even after all of the time and resources you’ve invested, missing a few days of watering can dry out your new seed and leave bare spots in your lawn.

Arizona Outdoor Solutions lets you take the watering hose out of your hands and replaces it with a high-efficiency, smart watering system. We offer a free consultation to assess your lawn and we have the expertise to develop a plan tailored to transform your yard into something you can be proud of.

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Home Irrigation System Installation Process

Step 1: Assessing Your Lawn in Stoney Creek

We provide free estimates that begin with an on-site consultation at your home. This consultation allows us to design a system that works with your property’s unique grass and garden water requirements, sunlight exposure, and available water supply.

Many homeowners invest time and money up front to get great landscaping for their property. Unfortunately, many of them fail to protect their investment with landscaping irrigation solutions. Automatic, in-ground irrigation systems make caring for your yard easy with scheduled watering so your plants and grass never dry up during the heat of midsummer.

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Step 2: Installing Your Irrigation System

We’ll take care of all the details. Before arriving on-site, our team will place a request with your utility service provider to paint, or flag, your utility service lines. This ensures that the installation of your irrigation system will not cause damage when the underground trenches are dug. Next, we will mark out the location of your sprinkler spray heads and valve boxes, according to our custom plan that has been optimized for your property. After running the underground pipes, we will fit each head to precisely distribute the necessary quantity of water at the optimum direction and angle to ensure maximum coverage and minimize dry spots.

Our team works efficiently and effectively and, in most situations, a residential installation can be completed in just one day.

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Step 3: Operating Your New Irrigation System

Once your new irrigation system is installed, you’ll never need to worry about its operation. Our high-efficiency smart watering systems feature Predictive Watering™. This means that your system will adjust its schedule based on local, real-time temperature, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity in order to deliver the proper amount of water at the ideal time.

For example, your sprinkler won’t operate during or after rain, so you don’t need to worry about overwatering your seeds or overpaying for water. We offer continual support to help optimize your water usage based on your individual needs. If you’re looking to reduce water bills, cut down on waste, and improve the health of your property, we will determine the right solution for your needs.

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Our Products – Why We Install Hunter Systems

Hunter is a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience in irrigation and outdoor lighting. You may not know them by name, but their wide range of products may be found at residences, city parks, commercial buildings, hotels, and municipal buildings all around Stoney Creek, Hamilton, and the GTA.

When choosing an irrigation system in Stoney Creek, many homeowners enjoy the Predictive Watering™ technology offered by Hunter, which adjusts irrigation schedules based on local, real-time temperature, rainfall probability, wind, and humidity. From April to November, Stoney Creek typically sees about a 23% chance of rainfall on any given day. Predictive Watering™ technology will give you peace of mind that you’re not paying for water when you don’t need it!

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Product Features

Smart WiFi Controllers

Our irrigation control systems allow you to manage your water usage from anywhere in the world with your phone or tablet. No more concerns about watering your garden while you’re away on vacation. Simply adjust your system and it will respond immediately.

Automatic Alerts

If you’re worried about broken pipes or leaky sprinklers, our advanced controllers have got you covered. Your system will provide you with automatic alerts for any breaks, leaks, or wiring issues — and it will regulate the system’s flow to reduce wastage accordingly.

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Sprinkler System Repairs in Stoney Creek

From upgrading older systems and fixing leaky valves to adding new zones and installing timers, our team is here to support you with any necessary repairs or upgrades. Our maintenance package includes a yearly system review, closing and winterization, and routine alignments to adjust for garden foliage throughout the year.

Sprinkler Maintenance in Stoney Creek

For residents of Stoney Creek, we offer a range of maintenance packages to ensure that your irrigation system continues to meet the evolving needs of your property. From seasonal openings and closings to monthly visits, our service plans are designed to provide proactive care for your irrigation system.

Winterize Your Irrigation System To Extend Its Life

When winter rolls around, it’s imperative to winterize your irrigation system properly. Improper winterization can lead to underground pipe bursts due to water freezing and expanding. Proper winterization requires a complete blowout of any remaining water using compressed air in order for your irrigation system to last longer and require less maintenance.

At Arizona Outdoor Solutions, we include winterization as part of our comprehensive year-round maintenance packages. We’ll take care of everything before the first freeze, which is critical in places like Ontario, where the frost depth reaches below the depth of your installed piping. You can relax knowing that your system has been maintained properly by qualified professionals and will continue working year after year.

Why Install an Irrigation System in Stoney Creek?


Our residential irrigation systems will take care of the watering for you, leaving you with more time to relax and find new favourite places to explore in Stoney Creek and the surrounding region. Stoney Creek is attracting new homeowners to the area, leading to higher standards for all types of properties — and that’s where we can help.

Resale Value

An irrigation system in Stoney Creek can help enhance the resale value of your home or business property. Most homebuyers in the Stoney Creek and Hamilton area consider an irrigation system an improvement feature that adds value to the property. More importantly, a healthier and more attractive lawn, backyard, or garden appearance adds curb appeal to your home when potential buyers view your property. Just like painting the walls in your home, a healthy-looking lawn can be a small investment to see significant returns in the value of your home in Stoney Creek.

Cost Savings

An often overlooked and underrated benefit to irrigation systems is the potential for monthly utility savings. A smart irrigation system will maximize water coverage, minimize unnecessary and inefficient water usage, and keep your lawn looking spectacular during the warm months.

The ideal time to water your grass is just before sunrise, in order to minimize evaporation. An automated irrigation system will hydrate your lawn as much or as little as you desire at exactly the right time to ensure your lawn grows lush.

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Stoney Creek Community Bio

Most well-travelled Ontarians know Stoney Creek as the site of the Devil’s Punch Bowl — but locals know it has much more to offer. With plenty of outdoor hikes to go along with some charming local attractions like the Erland Lee Museum (along with its fair share of wineries), Stoney Creek is truly a hidden gem in Ontario.

With so much to enjoy, your property should feel like an extension of the area’s natural beauty — a place to relax and unwind. That’s where we come in. Our residential irrigation systems will take care of the watering for you — leaving more time to relax and explore. Many Stoney Creek homeowners want to make their property feel more like an extension of the area’s natural beauty — and that’s where we can help.

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