The Sweet Sound of Good Times

Elevate all your backyard entertaining with Arizona’s Outdoor Sound Systems

Luxury Outdoor Systems by TruAudio & VSSL

Transform your outdoor spaces into an auditory oasis with Arizona Outdoor Solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology from TruAudio and VSSL, our outdoor speaker systems deliver unparalleled sound quality, turning your backyard into the ultimate entertainment destination.

Professional Grade

Experience movie theater-like surround sound for your outdoor TV and crystal-clear ambient music at any volume.

Party Ready

Our systems have the power and high-fidelity sound to be the life of your next big backyard party.

Crystal-Clear at Lower Volumes

Our precision control system offers exceptional sound for ambient background music as well.

Customizable Zones

Control and amplify music in different zones independently or simultaneously for a cohesive audio experience.

Control With Your Favourite Apps

Our systems are compatible with Bluetooth, Airplay 2, Google Chromecast or Alexa, making it easy to stream from any app on any device.

Integrates With Indoor Systems

We use technology that allows you to add indoor components as well and play all components together or independently

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