Residential Sprinkler Installation

Leave your lawn sprinkler system installation to the pros. Our irrigation services are designed and customized by professionals with backgrounds in horticulture and landscaping. And our smart controllers calibrate to meet your lawn and garden's specific needs. 

Our Systems Go Above and Beyond

Our sprinkler systems are tailored to fit the specific needs of your property and its landscape. After defining your unique requirements, we'll build a system that meets your needs and budget. All of our systems are designed with efficiency in mind. We also offer many optional features such as state-of-the-art smart-controllers to take your system's water management and performance to the next level.

Predictive Watering™

Our controllers pull data from local weather stations and satellites to create an accurate forecast for your location and automatically adjust your watering schedule.

Automatic Alerts

Your lawn sprinkler system provides you with automatic alerts for any leaks, breaks, or wiring issues - and it will regulate the system’s flow to reduce wastage accordingly.

Smart Wi-fi Controllers

Our Hydrawise® Irrigation Management Controller system allows you to manage your water usage using your phone from anywhere in the world. 

Pressure-Regulated System

The ability to regulate water pressure is critical to system efficiency. Our systems stand out from the rest because they deliver on efficient pressure regulation, proven to reduce water waste and promote healthier root zones.

Our Installation Process

As one of Ontario’s top residential sprinkler system installation companies, we can help you enjoy a lush and healthy lawn in three simple steps.

On-Site Visit

Installing a residential irrigation system starts with a site visit to determine your property's unique requirements.

After discussing and evaluating your lawn and garden's specific needs, we'll start measuring and planning the location of sprinkler heads, tee fittings, and the valve box.

We'll even request to have your utility lines flagged and painted to avoid damage during installation.  

Installation Day

On installation day, we’ll turn off the water supply to your yard, dig the trenches in the marked locations, and install the water supply line with all the tee fittings, valves, and sprinkler heads.

In most cases, we’ll have the work completed in a day, and you can expect the affected areas to return to normal within a month.

The result is a professionally installed in-ground pop-up sprinkler system that will provide optimal water flow, as determined by your smart system.

Orientation & Maintenance

After installation, we’ll give you an orientation of your new system. We’ll also ensure that your system operates properly, including all controls and water pressure. 

We’ll continue to support you with regular maintenance as needed, which includes our service to winterize your irrigation system each year, as it’s imperative to have your system winterized by a professional. 

Your Installation and Maintenance are in Good Hands.

25 years of experience

With 25 years of experience under our belt and in business since 2009, we have the knowledge and expertise to design, build, install, and maintain your sprinkler system.

Certified professionals

Our team is stacked with certified professionals in landscape irrigation (CIT), water-smart irrigation professionals (WSIP), and certified irrigation landscape auditors (CLIA). 

Customer-focused approach

We prioritize your needs and proactively plan, install, and maintain your sprinkler system. We monitor your system post-installation, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Warranty on workmanship

You'll get peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on your sprinkler system, a 3-year warranty on control panels and rain sensors, and a 1-year guarantee on workmanship and installation. 

Curious About Sprinkler System Cost?

Our new pricing calculator can give you an estimate in just minutes.


Recently Arizona Irrigation installed a home sprinkler system for my lawns and gardens. The install was seamless and water coverage being well planned out reaches all areas. I am very pleased with the system and service from Rick, Cody and the team all very responsive and professional. I have since used phone App and it is very user friendly. Now I can relax with a coffee or be away while it works. Perfect !



The team at Arizona have assisted us with our own system install as well as the clients of our landscape business (Soares Landscaping). They're professional, reliable and know how to troubleshoot issues and resolve them.



I have been working with Arizona for approx 3 years. They revived an unused front yard sprinkler system, plus we have worked on adding a back yard sprinkler system, and upgrading to a modern digital control box, and now rain sensor. They are well trusted for our system openings and closings. Rick and the team have been good to deal with, offering ideas and advice, and delivering timely, quality installation and service. Thanks Arizona!


Let the pros handle your install.


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