Find out why a pressure-regulated system is good for you and your lawn

What is a pressure-regulated sprinkler?

A pressure-regulated irrigation sprinkler (PRS) is a type of sprinkler head that is designed to maintain a consistent flow rate and spray pattern, even if the water pressure fluctuates. It does this by using a built-in pressure regulator to control the flow of water through the sprinkler head.

The pressure regulator in a PRS sprinkler head works by regulating the incoming water pressure and adjusting the flow rate accordingly. This helps to ensure that the sprinkler delivers water at a consistent rate and with a consistent spray pattern, regardless of fluctuations in the water pressure. It also helps to reduce overspray and erosion caused by high water pressure.

On the other hand, a non-pressure-regulated sprinkler head will simply deliver water at whatever pressure it is supplied with, which can lead to issues with inconsistent flow and spray patterns if the pressure fluctuates. It is also less efficient because it uses more water if the pressure is too high.

The SAM (Seal-A-Matic) portion of these sprinklers are designed to prevent water from draining out of the system after it has completed running, think of it as a cork or wine stopper.

On a typical 1” diameter run of pipe for 200 feet there is about 0.072 cubic meters of water (19 gallons and 72 litres) sitting in the line.

This means that for every time that a zone runs there is the potential to lose 72 litres of water due to line draining. The larger the system and the longer the pipes are run the greater the water loss.

The SAM stopper puts an end to this.



  • Maintains a more consistent flow rate and spray pattern, even if water pressure fluctuates
  • Can help to reduce overspray and erosion caused by high water pressure
  • Is more energy efficient because it can operate at lower pressure
  • Allows the remaining sprinklers on this zone to continue operating even if there is a broken nozzle on the zone - this means less plant stress and damage before the sprinkler is repaired


  • Reduces water run off and loss due to drainage
  • Reduces zone pressurization time as the lines do not need to fill up again first before the sprinklers can run
  • Reduces water hammer and system wear and tear

Cost Benefits


  • Is more water efficient, leading to lower water bills
  • Is more energy efficient, leading to healthier plant life and reducing the need for fertilizers and weed control
  • Reduces expensive water loss in the event of a broken nozzle as it will continue to regulate the amount of water flow exiting the sprinkler


  • Reduces water cost lost in drainage
  • Extends life of system

Let your lawn and garden thrive,
without the manual labour.

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