How to improve your lawn after all that summer heat

After so much summer heat and distress, it's important to rejuvenate it.


Overseeding is especially important because turf-type tall fescue needs to be rejuvenated after periods of high heat. Overseeding could be a great way to help turf remain thick and healthy.

Select the right variety of seed for the best results. LESCO seed is chosen due to its unique characteristics including disease resistance, drought tolerance, advanced tillering, color, density, durability and yield. Don't forget to apply a good starter fertilizer with appropriate levels of NPK to aid in germination and strong root development.

Use your irrigation system and apply water – when overseeding apply regular small amounts of water to keep the seed damp. You will not need to water deep as you would for mature sod, a few minutes every couple of hours is best for the first week or so after overseeding.


A well-textured soil profile is necessary to achieve healthy turf. Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil.

Whether aeration should be part of fall turf renovation depends on the turf type.  Cool-season varieties grow vigorously in the fall and recover quickly from the stress of aeration. Aerating cool-season grass in the fall will lead to stronger, rejuvenated turf. On the other hand, warm-season varieties should be aerated during its rapid growth period in late spring or early summer.

Follow aeration with fertilization, preferably a starter fertilizer high in phosphorus.  Phosphorus is essential to grass seedlings since they require more of this nutrient at this stage.   The perforated soil will accept nutrients more easily and the turf will become stronger and thicker.

Use your irrigation system – after fertilization has taken place it is important to apply a healthy amount of water to allow the fertilizer to work into the soil and prevent fertilizer burn. This can be done in one or two longer runs between 10-20 minutes per irrigation zone


To help you achieve the most beautiful turf possible, supplement your fall fertilization regime by topdressing with organic materials.

One great organic topdressing product is CarbonizPN  by Mirimichi Green. CarbonizPN Release is a carbon-based soil amendment that helps plants grow by reducing water needs and improving the efficiency of the soil. It permanently improves soil structure and biology to create the perfect home for root establishment.

Use your irrigation system -  watering in those products initially will allow them to effectively mix in with your soil, especially if aeration has already taken place.

Let your lawn and garden thrive,
without the manual labour.

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