Commercial Irrigation Systems in Ontario

Upgrades and optimization for commercial irrigation systems.

Are your water bills increasing every year? Is water running off your lawn and directly into the drain? Do you get frustrated when you look out the window and see your irrigation system watering when it’s raining?

Arizona Outdoors Solutions provides commercial properties in Southern Ontario with customized irrigation system upgrades to reduce water waste and improve cost savings. The problems described above are common issues that we encounter with many of our clients — and we can help you with a tailored solution.

Get your commercial irrigation system back to optimal performance.

Optimized Upgrades for Your Commercial Irrigation System

If you have an out-of-the-box or store-bought irrigation solution, chances are that your system is not operating at peak efficiency.

At Arizona Outdoor Solutions, our team works with a wide range of commercial clients across Southern Ontario, including:

  • Condominium residences
  • Retirement communities
  • Commercial shopping centres
  • Commercial office complexes
  • And more

We can upgrade your irrigation system to provide healthier lawns and gardens, improve water conservation, and increase long-term savings for your property. Make your business more environmentally and financially responsible with a customized solution from our team today.

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Request an Audit of Your Current Irrigation System

If you’re not sure about the benefits of an upgraded system, our team of WSIP-certified technicians can visit your property to repair basic issues and provide an in-depth audit of your existing system. Here’s what the start-to-finish process will look like:

  1. Initial Site Visit — Our technicians will visit your property to provide a preliminary consultation and review your system for any obvious issues, such as leaks, broken sprinkler heads, cut wiring, and so on.
  2. Basic Repairs — Our team will fix any glaring problems with your current irrigation system that we identified in the Initial Site Visit. For many clients, these repairs are sufficient to see dramatic improvements in their system’s efficiency.
  3. WSIP Audit — If the system is functioning properly and basic issues have been resolved, our team of WSIP-certified technicians can complete an in-depth audit of your irrigation system and develop a water management plan for your property.
  4. Review Your Audit — Our team will present the results of our WSIP Audit, including any recommendations for upgrades to your system. The audit will include a breakdown of yearly cost savings and ROI for the upgrades.
  5. Upgrade Your System — Once you’ve signed off on your new upgrades, our team will get to work on upgrading your commercial irrigation system, according to the recommendations in your audit.

Many commercial properties will see a 30 – 70% reduction in annual costs after implementing the upgrades recommended in our audit, with a typical ROI period of approximately two years.

Start improving efficiency and reducing irrigation costs for your commercial property today.

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