Winterizing An Underground Sprinkler System in Ontario

It’s important to ensure that your underground sprinkler system is well-maintained and protected from the elements. It’s not as simple as turning off the water — it’s imperative that you have your home’s irrigation system winterized by a professional each year so you don’t risk a major sprinkler system repair issue.

Winterize your system properly with professional service.

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What Can Happen If You Don’t Winterize Your Irrigation System?

Improperly winterized irrigation systems can create issues far bigger than busted sprinkler heads — underground pipes can freeze, leading to much bigger and more costly repairs. Ontario’s winter temperatures regularly drop well below zero. Shutting down your irrigation system in the winter is critical, as freezing temperatures below -15ºC creates a risk of burst pipes. If a system is shut down incorrectly, a sprinkler system will still contain water, even if the water supply is turned off at the control valve.

How To Winterize Your Sprinkler System

We don’t recommend trying to winterize your sprinkler system on your own. Due to the risk of underground pipe bursts, it’s highly recommended that you have this process performed by a professional each year.

Turning Off The Control Valves

Your irrigation system is more complicated than it looks. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when trying to winterize their own sprinkler systems is to incorrectly turn off the valves and shut off the water. Valves make your sprinkler system work well in the summer, but if your system isn’t properly winterized by a professional, they could be the reason why you need a repair in the spring.

Proper Drainage Of Your Irrigation System

In order to properly winterize your system, it’s imperative that you drain the water correctly. Your system is equipped with a backflow device that prevents water from draining back into your water supply, but it can also make it tricky for your system to drain properly. Backflow preventers require manual draining to remove the remaining water, so it’s not as simple as shutting off the water and using an automatic drain method.

Blowing Out The System With Compressed Air

In order to remove the remaining water after drainage, a fully-winterized system should be blown out with compressed air. This will ensure that no water will remain in the spray heads or underground pipes. A proper air compressor is necessary, but the method is equally important. While you need to open backflow preventers to drain the system, it’s important to close them again in order to make sure that no compressed air is blown through them.

Call The Professionals

It’s common for homeowners to attempt to winterize their irrigation systems themselves, only to call us in the spring when their system isn’t working properly. It’s a job best performed by experienced professionals.

At Arizona Outdoor Solutions, we include winterization as part of our comprehensive year-round maintenance packages. We’ll take care of everything before the first freeze, which is critical in places like Ontario, where the frost depth reaches below the depth of installed piping. You can relax knowing that your system has been maintained properly by qualified professionals and will continue working year after year.

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