Residential Irrigation Systems

Our high-quality lawn sprinkler systems keep your lawn and garden healthy and luscious in the long run. We build customized solutions around the needs of your lawn and garden, providing the optimal amount of water at the right time of day.

The benefits might surprise you

When thoughtfully built and installed by professionals with careful planning, an in-ground irrigation system can offer superior efficiency compared to manual watering, despite the initial investment and common misconception that automated systems waste more water over time.

Save time

Free yourself from making time to water your lawn and garden. An in-ground irrigation system does the watering for you and is calibrated to the needs of your yard. 

Save money

An in-ground irrigation system is the most efficient way to gain the lush landscape you're after. The system is programmed and timed and uses rain sensors to ensure no water is wasted. So no money is wasted on your water bill. 

Save water

Water is a precious natural resource, and conserving it is our civic duty. An in-ground irrigation system ensures your lawn and garden won't be overwatered and is evenly distributed in the right proportions depending on the variety of plants and grass. 

Prevent weeds and diseases

Irrigation systems promote weed and disease prevention by ensuring that the right amount of water is delivered where and when needed. Targeted and penetrated watering encourages deep root growth, thereby discouraging pesky weeds. 

The features of our system go above and beyond

Our irrigation systems are tailored to fit the specific needs of your property and its landscape. Each system is designed to improve efficiency and water conservation using state-of-the-art smart controllers that regulate all aspects of your water usage.

See our installation process

Predictive Watering™

Our controllers pull data from local weather stations and satellites to create an accurate forecast for your location and automatically adjust your watering schedule.

Automatic Alerts

Your lawn sprinkler system provides you with automatic alerts for any leaks, breaks, or wiring issues - and it will regulate the system’s flow to reduce wastage accordingly.

Smart Wi-fi Controllers

Our Hydrawise® Irrigation Management Controller system allows you to manage your water usage using your phone from anywhere in the world. 

Pressure-Regulated System

The ability to regulate water pressure is critical to system efficiency. Our systems stand out from the rest because they deliver on efficient pressure regulation, proven to reduce water waste and promote healthier root zones.

A Customized sprinkler solution

Arizona made a customized portable irrigation system for us; I was very happy with their willingness to accommodate an unusual request and their time to explain how to use it.



Rick of Arizona Irrigation installed our irrigation system well over 10 years ago, and was courteous and professional. The system has run flawlessly from day one! From spring startup to fall shutdown, their technicians show up promptly as scheduled, and are pleasant, efficient and thorough, using only top quality parts.The result is a system that runs efficiently with minimum water use, and keeps our lawn and gardens looking healthy and beautiful, no matter how hot and dry the season is! Well worth the investment.



From my first phone call till the install l have received excellent service!! Always on time and reply to my questions with no hesitation. The crew worked relentlessly when they ran in to very large tree roots. They were very friendly and polite!! I am so impressed with Arizona and would highly recommend them to anyone!!



We have been very pleased with the front and back lawn systems that were installed, as well as the drip system in our rose garden. Both spring start-up and fall closures have been excellent. We would certainly recommend Arizona Outdoor Solutions.



Let your lawn and garden thrive,
without the manual labour.

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