Sprinkler Systems / Irrigation in Ancaster

Arizona Outdoor Solutions Proudly Services Ancaster & the Surrounding Areas

Irrigation sprinkler systems can be used to irrigate and water your lawn, commercial property, golf course, and other properties. Unlike a traditional sprinkler or hose, water pipes are installed just under your landscape to water your grass. The water is pumped through the installed lines and broken up to simulate rain drops when it exits through the sprinkler heads.

Our in-ground sprinkler systems are installed by experienced and qualified irrigation system professionals and are composed of a pump unit, main lines, and sprinklers. Our team also provides timely, reliable sprinkler system upgrades, repairs and maintenance to existing, run-down units. If your irrigation system is worn down, do not hesitate to contact our team.

To ensure your property is receiving the attention it craves, contact Arizona Outdoor Solutions for all your sprinkler systems and irrigation system needs. We have been proudly serving the Ancaster area for nearly 10 years and look forward to many more in the future.

Professional LED Landscape Lighting Solutions

Want to show off your lawn or commercial property at night? Well now you can.

Our landscape lighting systems are used to illuminate your landscape and can be timed to turn on right when the sun sets. Our lighting systems use LED lamps which are cost effective, durable, and extremely energy efficient.

The lighting and sprinkler systems use the same equipment, so by installing both at the same time the chance of damage to an existing system is minimized, and the number of install visits is vastly reduced.

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