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As you’re probably aware, because of Hamilton’s geographic location and size, weather tends to vary and can be very unpredictable at times. To ensure your property is prepared for any weather it’s important to have an irrigation system in place so your lawn is always given the right amount of water.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Nearly 20 Years of In-Ground Sprinkler System Experience

At Arizona Outdoor Solutions, we’re focused on making sure your property is always looking its best. Our irrigation systems are designed and installed to your specifications and are placed just under the surface of your yard or commercial property.

Our irrigation systems are installed utilizing municipal water supply and water pressure or a pumping station if required. Sprinklers can also be timed to turn on and turn off whenever you want. Just access the control panel and you’re all set! If you need extra help, just give us a call, we have maintenance packages available as well.

Stunning LED Landscaping Lighting Systems

Looking to show off your home’s architecture or your beautiful new lawn? Our landscaping lighting systems can brighten and amplify any setting.
High grade LEDs that you can depend on.

Our landscape lighting systems use only the best equipment and lamps. We install high quality LED lamps that are cost effective and powerful enough to light all sorts of properties – no matter the size.

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