Irrigation / Sprinkler Systems in Oakville

Let’s Water Your Lawn Efficiently & Illuminate to Your Property

If you live in Oakville then you’re accustomed to traditionally warm summers and you’ve probably noticed your property requires a lot of attention during these months. Give your landscape the attention it craves. Contact the professionals at Arizona Irrigation to install an irrigation system so you can free up more time for yourself!

Irrigation Systems Designed With You in Mind

We have irrigation systems for residential, as well as commercial use, and we provide maintenance packages and opening and closing services to ensure your investment is protected for years to come.

How does it work? The irrigation systems is installed utilizing municipal water supply and water pressure or a pumping station if required. When the irrigation system is turned on, water is pumped through the irrigation line and distributed to each sprinkler. From there, the water pulses out of each sprinkler head to provide water to the landscape.

Our team also are experts at upgrading your worn down irrigation systems as well. We are experts in the field at bringing your old unit back to life. Contact our team today to learn more!

Let’s Turn Your Property Into an Oasis

Our experts can provide suggestions on the proper setup for your property and install an LED landscape lighting system that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Embrace the night! Enjoy a nice family meal outside or entertain guests. The choice is yours! With a landscape lighting system in place you can make use of your property even at night.

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If you live in Oakville or the surrounding area contact us today at 905-627-7485 or 519-804-5854, or email us at for a free estimate!

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