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Sprinkler / Irrigation Systems in St. Catharines

Trusted Irrigation Systems & Landscape Lighting in St. Catharines & Nearby Areas

Being situated between two great lakes provides a unique climate for St. Catharines. This also means extra care is needed to ensure lawns and properties are well looked after, and receiving an ample amount of water. Trust the experts at Arizona Irrigation to take care of this!

In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Save You Water!

Proper irrigation is important for any residential or commercial landscape. An irrigation system helps provide adequate moisture to your lawn to help keep it healthy, prevent disease, and provide nutrients to the soil.

What’s involved? Our irrigation systems are installed under your property, and are setup so each part of your landscape receives just the right amount of water. Our irrigation systems are installed utilizing municipal water supply and water pressure or a pumping station if required.

Our irrigation team also provides effective, reliable irrigation system upgrades and repairs. You do not need to install a new system when your old unit breaks down – trust our expertise to bring it back to life!

Let’s Turn Your Property Into a Stunning Oasis

Our landscape lighting systems use top of the line LEDs to illuminate your entire landscape. We’ll design a layout unique to your property and then install the system for you. If you’re using our irrigation systems as well, we can even setup the landscape lighting systems in parallel!

Our landscaping lighting systems are equipped with timers and sensors so you can turn the lights on or off whenever you’d like!

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