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Irrigation / Sprinkler System Upgrades & Repairs

Let Arizona Bring Your Old, Ill-Maintained Irrigation System Back to Life

For nearly years, Arizona Outdoor Solutions has provided professional residential and commercial irrigation services throughout the Greater Hamilton Area. Trust the Arizona Outdoor Solutions team when it comes to upgrading and repairing your old sprinkler system.

Our experienced service team is available to help you with any of your irrigation repair needs. From leaking valves to adding new zones to fixing a broken timer, we can do it all. We fix and repair both residential and commercial irrigation systems. Has your system been ill-maintained by a previous homeowner? We will diagnose the issue and recommend a proper fix, without needing to install a new system. Our experts have over 20 years of experience with all things irrigation.

If you are considering investing in a quality irrigation system for your home or business, contact Arizona Outdoor Solutions today for a free estimate!

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