Sprinkler System Maintenance Packages

Trusted, Timely Maintenance Packages – Servicing the Hamilton-Wentworth, Halton, Kitchener-Waterloo & Wellington Regions

Are you looking to have a high quality sprinkler system that can save you water AND the hassle of watering your lawn? Look no further. With our highly experienced and knowledgeable team, Arizona Irrigation has all the solutions needed to turn your desert into the oasis of your dreams.

We have worked hand in hand over the years with many landscape contractors, home builders to gardeners and green thumbs, always with one goal in mind, to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Please see our various irrigation services, below.

Spring Opening

To make sure your landscape gets off to a good start its always best to have a professional open your system.

We will open your system and perform a thorough review of the entire sprinkler system, testing water supply, all valves and each sprinkler, adjusting each sprinkler as necessary.

We will set up your system to run at it’s optimum efficiency based on weather trends and your personal and landscape demands.

Summer Review

As the weather warms up and landscapes mature so does the plant material. As plant material grows up and matures often times raising a sprinkler becomes necessary as the plant material begins to block the spray pattern.

Our team will perform a full system review with an eye on seasonal scheduling of the controller and efficiency of each sprinkler head and nozzle.

Our technician will also make adjustments and suggestions regarding possible changes to help improve your coverage during the summer months.

Fall Closing / Winterization

If there has been water in your system this year then it needs to get out. We do that.

Using a high volume air compressor that allows us to keep a continuous air flow going through the main line, we are able to push all the water in your pipes out through the sprinklers.

This approach that works best and allows us to warranty the job for another harsh Canadian winter.

Lighting Re-Lamp & Other Lighting Services

Landscape lighting is one of the best ways to reclaim your property for many purposes. Whether that be to utilize it best at night for gatherings or to simply offer some security to the property.

With the wonderful world of LED lamps now taking the lead in the lighting industry theres simply so much more we can do with your landscape lighting system.

From adding more fixtures that may have been impossible before, to re-lamping with LED lamps and thoroughly cleaning all fixtures to give your system the standout shine it once had- and more!